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About Electra International Limited

Electra International Limited, a privately owned company, stands as one of the oldest and largest electronics traders, distributors, and sellers in Bangladesh. Founded by Al Haj Md. Shahidullah, the company was later led by his sons, including Md. Sanaullah Shahid as Chairman, Md. Zakiullah Shahid as Managing Director, Mohammad Zafarullah Shahid, and Md. Wahiullah Shahid as Directors.
Beginning with a single showroom, Electra International ventured into the consumer electronics (CE) business, offering a wide array of products such as ACs, LED TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and more. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach with 48 outlets and over 100 dealer shops, establishing itself as a prominent distributor of Samsung CE products in Bangladesh.

Meet our Directors


Md. Sanaullah Shahid

Managing Director

Md. Zakiullah Shahid


Mohammad Zafarullah Shahid


Md. Wahiullah Shahid

Our Vision: To introduce Electra as a global brand, ensuring consumer satisfaction, creating millions of job opportunities, and contributing to the enhancement of lifestyle in Bangladesh and beyond.
Our Mission: To establish Electra as the leading brand of consumer electronics products in Bangladesh.
What we do:
  • Create Value: Maximizing corporate values while meeting the expectations of customers, shareholders, communities, and employees.
  • Commitment to Quality: Pursuing the highest qualities for products and services to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and social value.
  • Technology Innovation: Keeping abreast of new and emerging technologies, and continuing to innovate.
  • Contribution to Communities and the Environment: Contributing to the welfare of communities and building a trusted company, assisting in the economic growth of households across Bangladesh.
Why choose us: Electra International’s products stand out due to:
  • Innovative technology
  • User-friendliness
  • Long-lasting yet affordable price
  • Guaranteed after-sales service
  • Continuous follow-up on customer demand and satisfaction
We gain a competitive advantage from our highly efficient management and sales team. Our distinctive capabilities enable us to implement and manage complex systems effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction.
WITH A SET OF EXPERTS TEAM: Our individual teams of experts work closely with customers, assessing their needs and using market research, retail, and fashion trend forecasts, and innovative technology to design the right supply chains to deliver their products.
DEDICATED TO MEETING EVERY USER’S NEEDS: We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options, and set up contingency plans to ensure a seamless journey.
STRONGEST AND FASTEST NETWORK: With a wide range of supply chains, manufacturers, cargo, and shipping agents, our network is faster and more reliable for complex products and quality equipment operation sources.